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 Gifts from the Heart add names, dates  You can also choose from our images. Personalize for one of a kind gifting. 


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We at Sentimental Pixels look forward to printing your Memories, giving everyone, NEW Memories to give and share. We can print your pictures to any product we offer. To this effort we have made it possible for you to send us an Email with the photos that we will print onto stone slate, aluminum photo panels also onto Tumblers. During Holidays we will add Items specific for that holiday. We will print the image on the size you purchased up to 12 x14. With several different types and styles to choose from. We also offer our own designs that you can purchase and personalize and adding more each week. We will be adding larger sizes of the hard textiles in the future so check back often. Please send original size do not condense the pixels. order@sentimentalpixels.com

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Policies at Sentimental Pixels

Things You Need to Know

At Sentimental Pixels, we are dedicated to giving our customers a fair, rewarding and enjoyable shopping experience to enhance your memory. We take your Memories seriously but have certain rules with content. We will not accept anything that is thought to be Illegal or pornographic. We will not reproduce anything where minors are portrayed in anything illegal or illicit.


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